Publisher: Self Published

Year: 2021

Binding: Hardcover

Dimensions: 6.25 x 8.25 inches

Pages: 78

edition of 50

SOLD OUT - last copies are available for exhibitions or special collections only.

Throughout the project ‘under standing’ I create a complex experience of an investigation of facts and a landscape of psychological processing. A thread of reactions and actions builds tension as a fragmented narrative is slowly revealed through the examination of found texts: hand traced bits and pieces from a psychology book, web engine answers and an apology letter are intertwined with photographs. The photographs portray a text based expressive material play. Touch and affect is explored through mark making, traces and residues. Words are traced to paper, embossed on napkins, erased and rubbed with bare hands, glued together and covered with ink and water spills. I use material failures to point to both emotional instability and resilience.

In the process of making the book ‘under standing’, I crouched over a light table as I traced over and over found and received writings. The tracing process became a performative way to both express fixation and disbelief. Tracing slowed down my own reading of the texts and allowed me to break down its forms in a physical manner. Considering words as marks, I created my own DIY embossments; putting pressure on a surface, grinding into a word repeatedly, using my body weight to engrave the marks deeper. By mixing printed typefaces with hand tracing, I intertwine the mechanic with the personal. Words change their meaning in accordance with time, position, perspective, and place. Photographs expose points of view. I explore this malleability of signification and meaning as I walk between pragmatic skepticism and poetic stances.