Roni Aviv (born 1992) is a visual artist, based in New York. Aviv works with photography, text and installation to give form to a psychological space of re-processing experiences. Aviv holds an MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University and studied photography at Cooper Union and Bezalel Academy of Art. Her work has been published and exhibited internationally. Recent exhibitions include NARS Gallery, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Steve Turner Gallery, The Jewish Museum and Indie Gallery. They have recently been published in BOMB, GRANTA, Erev Rav, and Lines Inside by TSA_PDF magazines.


My work is a visual inquiry into the residual effect of unaddressed traumatic experiences within everyday life. I am interested in the malleability of signification and meaning within language and images. In my work I explore emotional layered experiences through mark makings; photography, language and rubbings are essential parts of my practice. I trace over erasure shavings, I photograph watermarks; the traces of a flooding accident on a once archival photography box. I read a letter, reread it, and rewrite it. I utilize gaps of knowledge and acts of repetition as building blocks for a slowly revealed fragmented narrative.



2021/ MFA Visual Arts, Columbia University, New York

2017/ BFA (with honors), Department of Photography, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem

2015/ Fall Semester, The Cooper Union, New York

Selected Exhibitions

2023/ A Seductive Echo, Longwood Art Gallery, Bronx

2022/ Open Ended, House of Words, Brooklyn (site-specific project)

2021/ Breaking Point, NARS Foundation Gallery, New York

2021/ Non-Archival Understanding, Wallach Art Gallery, Lenfest Center for the Arts, New York

2021/ Borderwalls III, The Border Project Space Gallery, Brooklyn

2021/ TSA_PDF 19: Lines Inside, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, New York (co-editor)

2020/ Minorly Magical, Backyard Ghost, New York

2020/ Minorly Magical, K & P Gallery, New York

2020/ Ten Exercises In Style, Indie Photography Gallery, Tel Aviv

2020/ Alone Together, Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles

2020/ TSA_PDF 2: Zone V, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, New York

2020/ LOVE 2020: Perfect Vision, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, New York

2019/ Study Sessions, 131 Collective, New York

2019/ Aesthetically Functional Only, 1675 Broadway, New York

2019/ In Response: A Crack In Everything, The Jewish Museum, New York

2018/ TEASE, Performance & Video Night, Prentis Hall, New York (Performance)

2018/ The Spring and the Hawk, Kuli Gallery, Tel Aviv

2018/ Eye Poke, Indie Photography Gallery, Tel Aviv (Duo w/ Naama Rona)

2018/ Agape, Beit Kandinof, Jaffa

2017/ Bread and Roses, The Artists’ Studios Gallery, Tel Aviv

2017/ Slipped (my) Mind, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv

2017/ First Light, Alleys of Jaffa Public Space, Jaffa

2017/ The Good Image, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem

2016/ Transmutation, Bezalel Photography Gallery, Jerusalem

2015/ Art of the Book, Cooper Union, New York

2015/ Decadent Rubbish: Defying Dysfunction, Cooper Union, New York

Residencies & Grants

2023/ AIM Bronx museum fellowship, Bronx

2022/ Center for Book Arts Workspace Artist-in-Residence, New York

2021/ NARS Foundation Residency, Brooklyn

2020/ Artis Contemporary Residency Grant, New York

2019/ Mildred's Lane Residency, Pennsylvania

Bibliography & Press

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